How it works

At The San Francisco Community Fund, volunteer specialists work in targeted communities and refer donor recipients in need. The Fund quickly reviews referrals and acts on the most urgent needs (usually within 48 hours). Fund gifts are limited to $400 each to enable the Fund to reach as many situations as possible. Cash is never given to an applicant. Payment is remitted directly to a store, creditor or service provider on the applicant's behalf. For this reason, we always know how contributions have been used.

The San Francisco Community Fund is committed to operating on a budget of less than 10% of donations. The Fund is staffed completely with volunteers and most of the overhead, including rent, has been donated. If you would like to make a donation to The San Francisco Community Fund and start helping people in the Bay Area with modest, but critical needs, click here.

HC is a 100-year old resident of Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center. Watching television is his major pastime, however the picture was so small that he could barely see it. The San Francisco Community Fund paid to have a larger television delivered to him.
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